My Tools


Nikon D70

My second SLR camera. The Nikon D70 is got some time under its belt yet still a great camera. Nikon USA



My lens of choice is my Sigma 70mm-210mm Macro. A nice compact lens, but it has a strange pull out to zoom design (as opposed to turn to zoom). It’s good with night-time and I really love taking macro shots with this.

Nikor 18mm-55mm DX

My other lens is a Nikor DX 18mm-55mm. I’ve come to learn Nikor lens’s are extremely reliable. While I use my other lens more I couldn’t live without my 18-55!


Polaroid Ringlight

The Polaroid LED Ringlight is a very cool light. Its not of professional brightness but adds just enough lighting to situations to create drama. It’s not feature packed but I’ve already fallen in love with the photos I can create with this supplementary light.

Vivitar Speedlight front

A speedlite is something that has been absent in my camera bag for some time (cost preventing me from taking the plunge). However, I can already say this has become essential to my photography.

The Vivitar DF 286 Speedlite is a basic light. It’s got slave functions to allow me to remote sync the light. Other than that its sort of lacking in features. If I had the time I’d go back and look for a camera with a sync cable port on the light and a light with a little more control over the brightness. That said I’m glad I got a speedlite it’s something I’ve needed for some time.

Thrifty Umbrella Strobe


The Thifty Umbrella Strobe set came with two stands, lights and umbrellas. It a good beginnings insight into off camera photography. Each light has a built in slave and sync cable port but they are pretty weak and lack the ability to change the power of the flash. I can replace the bulbs with something stronger which will happen…someday!

In addition to my standard equipment I also have a cheapy tripod, an essential for me since I love night shots and long exposures. I also have my iPhone 5, “The best camera is the one you have with you.” An over used statement, none the less true.


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